Wireless Communications

Product and Design Solutions from Concept to Deployment

DataSoft specializes in low-power, small form-factor wireless solutions for IoT, PAN, Situation Awareness, MANET, and IP-based networking. We design, manufacture, integrate, and support real-time embedded solutions for defense, commercial, and industrial communications. Our portfolio of programmable RF designs, tactical radio accessories, software libraries, Information Security expertise, and rapid prototyping capability was developed through DoD programs, IR&D, and Small Business Innovation Research.

Our technology helps customers reduce development costs and improve time-to-market

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  • SideBridge Secure Wireless Connection Module with Android Apps
  • DataSoft Engineering Services
  • Thunder SDR Platform with Probe Tool-box
  • Nova Cyber Security Software and Appliance

Embedded Solutions

DataSoft has expertise in real-time embedded software projects that provide high performance networking with high reliability, delivered via an open source model with open architecture for easy maintainability.  

We build Linux-based appliances, leveraging open source software and commodity hardware.

Engineering Services

DataSoft's engineering design services will get your new product ideas to the market quickly. Our staff has extensive experience in tactical/commercial SDR, SATCOM, and C41 systems design & development.

Since 1995, DataSoft has served large defense and commercial customers, with proven processes, extensive R&D experience, and expert system engineering.


 DataSoft announced the development of an LCD version of the SideBridge module. When connected to the Rifleman Radio, SideBridge reads and displays radio status and configuration data. The SideBridge LCD display eliminates the need to press a key or combination of keys to get the audible responses from the Rifleman Radio.

 The DataSoft SideBridge module was used by squad leaders in the recently completed AEWE Spiral J event at Fort Benning, Georgia. SideBridge was attached directly to a PRC-152A radio and provided wireless connectivity from the radio network to the Nett Warrior smartphone End User Device (EUD).

 DataSoft announces a software upgrade to the Nova Network Security System. The upgrade includes improvements to the software architecture that mitigate vulnerabilities, enables future online software upgrades, and provides immediate notification of hostile attacks.