Embedded Solutions

DataSoft has expertise in real-time embedded software projects that provide high performance networking with high reliability, delivered via an open source model with open architecture for easy maintainability.  

We build Linux-based appliances, leveraging open source software and commodity hardware.

Engineering Services

DataSoft's engineering design services will get your new product ideas to the market quickly. Our staff has extensive experience in tactical/commercial SDR, SATCOM, and C41 systems design & development.

Since 1995, DataSoft has served large defense and commercial customers, with proven processes, extensive R&D experience, and expert system engineering.


 Wi-Fi and Bluetooth capabilities are now part of the Thunder SDR System. The new interface supports 802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi and Bluetooth v4.0 for additional flexibility over the existing USB, Ethernet, and Gigibit Ethernet data and control interfaces.

 DataSoft's software tool, DIVA, v1.9, has been verified by JTEL. JTEL has found that utilizing DIVA has provided up to an 80% reduction in the time required to test the API IDL files. A major aspect of the reduction is that DIVA automatically generates the API Reports for the test engineer and places the results of the test into the report.

 DataSoft has delivered software for the initial Engineering Design Models of the Advanced TDMA Interface Processor (ATIP), a U.S. Navy/SPAWAR PMW/A 170 project. The ATIP is a Layer-2 Ethernet bridging device that will be installed on ship, shore, and submarine platforms to form high bandwidth SATCOM-based mesh networks using TCP/IP.