SideBridge Wireless Connection Module

The SideBridge module provides a secure Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connection between a radio and a smartphone. The rugged module attaches directly to the radio and expands Personal Area Network (PAN) communications without the need for any wires. SideBridge connects the wealth of applications available on a standard smartphone or tablet including images, messaging and video — to the radio network.

The SideBridge module is a low cost, easy to use solution enabling superior communications to tactical radio users.

SideBridge is available in various models to fit a variety of tactical radios including the PRC-117G, PRC-154B, PRC-152A, PRC-148B, PNR-1000:

SideBridge LCD

When connected to the Rifleman Radio (PRC–154/A), SideBridge LCD reads and displays radio status and configuration data such as the preset number, number of network nodes, battery level, GPS position, and volume level. The SideBridge LCD display eliminates the need to press a key or combination of keys to get the audible responses from the Rifleman Radio. All of the critical radio communication information is displayed on a 2.4” color touchscreen.

SideBridge LCD offers an optional wireless and wired data connection to the radio. Users have the option to connect a smartphone over Bluetooth, Wi-Fi or on a rugged, wired USB and power connection.

SideBridge RAP

SideBridge RAP

SideBridge RAP is designed to provide a ‘Secret and Below’ wireless data connection from the PRC–117G manpack radio. It’s ideal for vehicle and aircraft communications where multiple users with smartphones or tablets can connect securely to the radio network without the need for any wires. SideBridge RAP for the Black side of the radio can be used to simplify BLOS communications via WiFi connection to a Satcom terminal. On the Black side, the RAP relays unclassified traffic through a server to eliminate the complexity of IP addressing for seamless switching between LOS and BLOS communications. DataSoft also launched a wired version of SideBridge RAP for the red side of the radio. The wired version provides access to the various Ethernet, serial and USB interfaces through a single network connection.

SideBridge Elbit

SideBridge Elbit provides a secure Bluetooth or WiFi connection between the Elbit PNR-1000 radio and an End-User-Device (EUD). The customized, slim, and rugged module attaches directly to the side of the radio and includes a button so that the user can put the SideBridge Elbit module into Bluetooth pairing mode.

SideBridge iCOM

SideBridge iCOM connects directly to the iCom portable land mobile radio and provides a Bluetooth connection to a smartphone or tablet. The SideBridge iCOM eliminates the cumbersome cable with a cost-effective solution that enables the user to transmit data wirelessly over the radio network from their device.

SideBridge Iridium

SideBridge Iridium connects directly to the PRC-154A Rifleman Radio to detect the status and configuration of the radio network and Position Location Information (PLI). When PLI transfer is not possible due to loss of radio network connectivity or radio failure, SideBridge Iridium automatically sends the PLI data through the Iridium satellite network. It provides a reliable backup that maintains the common picture of the location of friendly forces (i.e. Blue Force Tracking).

SideBridge Network SideBridge Icom


  • Wireless connectivity between a smartphone or other devices and a radio — no external cables required
  • Secure IP communications designed to FIPS–140–2 or 'Secret and Below'
  • Access to any smartphone application for secure wireless transfer of intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance data to/from a radio network
  • Multiple users can access the data connection from one radio
  • Rugged enclosure with external USB port for optional, wired link
  • Operating range of up to 30 meters
  • Adaptable to a variety of tactical radio models
  • Capable of supporting Bluetooth, WiFi, GPS, and other functions
  • SideBridge connects to BlueLink our Android app that provides situational awareness, network status, and position location information for dismounted troops
  • Safe and effective decision — making through the BlueLink management and monitoring of radio battery, radio node distances, node neighbors, and location — based data


  • Military tactical radios
  • Public Safety tactical radios
  • Utility communications