Automatic Injury Detection App Approved for Use on FirstNet

Tempe, Ariz., Jan. 22, 2019 – Automatic Injury Detection (AID) App is now approved for use on FirstNet – America’s public safety communications platform. AID earned a FirstNet Listed designation, meaning it meets the stringent requirements set by FirstNet for security, data privacy and availability.

AID operates on Android and iOS smartphones. The App connects via Bluetooth to a wearable sensor that fits within an existing body armor vest. Any piercing event – like a gunshot, stabbing or shrapnel from an explosion – is detected by the sensor. Once a piecing event is detected, an automatic emergency notification is sent via Bluetooth or other method to a phone or radio that can then forward the notification to emergency services, backup personnel, and dispatch and command centers.

This notification includes the first responder user’s name and pertinent medical, injury and location information, such as blood type and allergies, the injury zone and the GPS location of the attack. The automation, speed and accuracy of this critical information works to ensure that the victim gets lifesaving help as quickly as possible. And as a FirstNet Listed app, FirstNet subscribers will be able to apply key capabilities – like First Priority™, which enables priority and, for primary users, preemption – to their use of the AID App.

“When we learned about how AID could help keep law enforcement officers safe, we knew it’d make a great addition to the FirstNet App Catalog,” said Bob Sloan, chief operating officer, FirstNet at AT&T. “FirstNet is public safety’s communications platform, and we’re proud to support first responders’ safety with this powerful new solution.”

After passing the rigorous FirstNet App Review Process, AID can now be found in the FirstNet App Catalog. The App Catalog is exclusively for public safety entities that subscribe to FirstNet services. It features apps for the first responder community, giving public safety a dedicated location to find meaningful new solutions.

“Through our work with first responders, we heard their need for innovative applications to assist with their lifesaving missions. FirstNet is helping to address these needs, and we are pleased to welcome AID to the FirstNet App Catalog,” said Mark Golaszewski, executive director of Technology and Innovation, First Responder Network Authority.

“We are thrilled to be part of FirstNet as it connects directly with the first responders that we are trying to protect,” said John Bohlke, AID product manager. “AID is designed to provide immediate and accurate information when a first responder is under attack, and FirstNet can help ensure a network connection will be there to transmit AID’s potentially lifesaving information to rescuers. FirstNet and AID work very well together, so it makes a lot of sense for AID to be featured in the FirstNet App Catalog.”

About Automatic Injury Detection:

Select Engineering Services (SES) and DataSoft Corporation have partnered together to develop Automatic Injury Detection (AID) sensors and software applications that are designed to help save lives. When an individual is shot or stabbed, AID automatically sends out a call for help to designated personnel and the dispatch center. The emergency alert can contain the individual’s name, GPS location and medical information such as blood type and allergies so that they can get help as quickly as possible. For more information, please see or


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