Our Partners

PrismTech is a leading provider of Software Defined Radio solutions. The Spectra Product Suite for radio system developers and integrators provides Commercial-off-the-Shelf (COTS) development tools, software infrastructure, and development and test platforms. For more information about the Spectra Product Suite, please visit www.prismtech.com/spectra
Comtech EF Data holds the esteemed position of "vendor of choice" for SatCom infrastructure equipment. Mobile operators and ISPs globally deploy their equipment to facilitate sustainable and profitable service expansion. Governments and militaries utilize the products to power mission-critical communications. Organizations in offshore and maritime rely on Comtech's solutions for on-demand and always-on connectivity. Broadcasters on every continent trust their transmission gear. For more information, please visit www.comtechefdata.com
The Wireless Innovation Forum is an non-profit “mutual benefit corporation” dedicated to advocating the innovative use of spectrum and advancing radio technologies that support essential or critical communications worldwide. The Forum acts as the premier venue for its members to collaborate to achieve these objectives, providing opportunities to network with customers, partners, and competitors, educate decision makers, develop and expand markets, and advance relevant technologies. For more information, please visit www.wirelessinnovation.org


"We appreciate the dependability of DataSoft’s engineering services. They delivered according to plan and were flexible in their support as we worked together through a few soft requirements and new ideas."
Director, Product Management, Thales Defense and Security, Inc.
"DataSoft has been very responsive to the project's needs."
Division Contracts Manager, General Dynamics, C4 Systems
"We appreciate DataSoft as a teammate on various programs – Air Force HDR Modem, Navy ATIP program, and the network simulator advanced VSAT. Their engineering and software development contributions have allowed us to achieve program milestones in a cost-effective manner.”
Vice President, Product Development, Comtech EF Data
“Quality of deliverables was high and DataSoft worked very hard to maintain the quality. They integrated into the project well and were proactive in identifying and working on issues. Their technical expertise and experience was a definite contributor to the success of the test effort.”
Manager, General Dynamics, C4 Systems
"DataSoft has been extremely flexible and knowledgeable in achieving all tasks assigned to them.  DataSoft’s personnel are very qualified, all around subject experts, and can perform engineering, software development, and testing. They can juggle multiple tasks and fulfill multiple requests at the same time."
Contracts Manager, Lockheed Martin IS & GS