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Nightlock Alert Data Sheet

Nightlock Alert - Door Barricade and Notification System

The Nightlock® Alert system provides protection and notification for emergency lockdown situations to prevent an act of terrorism, such as an active shooter. The room occupant simply drops the locking handle into the floorplate and Nightlock Alert automatically notifies the security office and all user smartphones regarding the lockdown emergency.

When a user opens the wall box to access the barricade handle, the Nightlock Alert module detects the emergency, connects to any user smartphone (Android or iPhone) within range and automatically sends the emergency notification to all department users and to the security office computer. The emergency notification indicates which specific room(s) has activated the door barricade.

Nightlock Alert not only protects the occupants of the room that is in lockdown but the notification instantly alerts the rest of the personnel within the building(s) to take appropriate action.

Nightlock Alert: door barricade and notification

Door Barricade:




Nightlock door barricade meets firecode

The 2018 International Fire Code 1010.1.4.4 states:

Locking arrangements in educational occupancies. In Group E and Group B educational occupancies, egress doors from classrooms, offices and other occupied rooms shall be permitted to be provided with locking arrangements designed to keep intruders from entering the room where all of the following conditions are met:

1. The door shall be capable of being unlocked from outside the room with a key or other approved means. [a Nightlock breaching tool is available for security officers and officials]

2. The door shall be openable from within the room in accordance with Section 1010.1.9. [Nightlock does not attach to or affect the door opening mechanisms]

3. Modifications shall not be made to listed panic hardware, fire door hardware or door closers. [Nightlock makes no modifications to normal door functions]

Nightlock is registered trademark of Taylor Steel Company DBA Taylor Door Lock Corporation