PET: Personal Emergency Transmitter

The Personal Emergency Transmitter (PET) improves personal safety by initiating a call for help and sending emergency text messages with just a press of a button. The PET device is a wearable device that is similar in size and appearance to a common proximity card. A press of the button will automatically send emergency alert text messages to up to 30 recipients, with your personal information and a link to your GPS location. The button press can also automatically initiate a phone call (Android only) so that the recipient can listen in at the scene and/or communicate directly.

PET includes an app that is compatible with both Android smartphones and iPhones. The PET app runs as a background service – it always remains on and will automatically restart if the user closes all of their apps or reboots their phone. The PET device connects to the smartphone over Bluetooth and after the initial pairing process, will automatically reconnect whenever it’s within range of the smartphone.

PET: Personal Emergency Transmitter

PET Advantages

PET improves personal safety in a variety of scenarios when in a panic, under heavy duress, and in a medical emergency.



PET awarded 2019 ASTORS Homeland Security Award for Best Alert Notification Solution and Gold Award for New Product of the Year in Personal Safety Equipment.